My Feelings About “Don Chezina” Artistic career

Greetings My Dear Reader today I want to share my feelings about the career of Don Chezina ” Original Don ” and inform every one what i mean. Don Chezina  is the founder of Reggaeton, but unfortunately there is a conspiracy against his artistic career from promoters ! singers . ! and some media in Puerto Rico … Yes! this is true for those who still did not know, This the only explanation why their songs are not listen in the media, but  Don Chezina still standing battle against Alibabas and the seven thieves wicth is circus unscrupulous without awareness of human rights of any kind. Life and happiness can not be measured by the materialism you possess ; is not happy who else has more, but he who least need to be happy … Don Chezina continues doing is show business without stopping his steps since its inception in the 90’s,thanks to the contempt even all these artists and promoters with whom he shared the light of its star, they even eat and eat and go back to eating that crop but if they see him  they do not remember him … “That’s Rights . ” But  Don Chezena,is the Patriarch and no one can take from him that he is number one . He is the best of the best, God bless him forever and guided his steps along the paths of good. But I have great faith that God is will take care of those who conspired against Don Chezina career,tKvP7Agiy7W_jdnGEeKQYpoPOXHLufwtrzCV9DaUSinger like Don Chezina do not exist and will never exist one that make his league in Reaggeton. Good always overcomes evil is law of life because God does not keep anything from anyone , “Pursuing happiness one despite the suffering of our brothers in Christ is a tragic misfortune. ” Let Daddy God have mercy on all who make their wealth outside rib of others, in the hands of God as always i deposit all , with all my soul faith that justice will soon come to the career of the Patriarch ” and the best singer the ” Reggaeton ” and the best ” Son ” of the all world “Che Ricardo Garcia Ortiz”… My dearfFriend thanks for your time . May peace and divine love bless you with yours and your holy home …


Isabel Gaviota

Don Chezina MothertKvP7Agiy7W_jdnGEeKQYpoPOXHLufwtrzCV9DaUHere’s a short biography of the Original Don Chezina .

Ricardo Garcia Ortiz : Born on January 13, 1976 , in Atlanta Georgia , when he was five months old he moved to Puerto Rico with his mother and older sister. At age 13 he wrote his first songs , he sang and danced in a big circle of friends making beat ‘s with his mouth, his start was prescribed in the first tape titled “The Noise” in which he had a great success and opened door tapes recorded in coming but as he himself says in one of his Lyrics entitled ” My Story ” : in all cassettes coming out when least expected Gangster out Well Guillao Wherever sounded stuck in the underground and its first recordings was what motivated him to move forward in singing “At that wealthy stretch of his career knows several beginners colleagues who would later be in the future his friends whom he invited to share the stage to sing with him , as Cabaluchi , Mexicano, Mc Ceja , Baby Rasta y Gringo , Daddy Yankee, Evy Queen , and the Guanábanas among many others. and of course Rey Pirin with whom he recorded for the first time in the White Lion and later also recorded in 40 of Playero success “If you Just ask . ” In 1996 the National Day Of Rap & Reggae In Puerto Rico wins the prize ” The Male Singer ” in recognition of his contribution to music. After recording with ” The Noise ” no idea is record for a single producer and having the opportunity to record with Nelson Dj and Dj Black , recorded on Playero 38, and the saga continues until 40 and Live. But it also presents the opportunity to record with Eric and Industry in volume 4 . in 1997 have the opportunity to write to Boricua Guerrero with an exponent of American rap called Q’Tip . then record what would be his first solo ” Well guillao Ganster ” under the seal was Pina record tremendous success in Puerto Rico and internationally , with this production put on top making known to genre rap, with hits like ” Seala ” ” My Story ” , “If I were born again ,” ” Blessing of God” with Rey Pirin , etc. . This production by ” gold record ” adjudge and “other” platinum ” in 1998 two awards were won in the ” Premios Tu Música ” , a People Choise and Best Production of the year and three other awards at the ” National Day Rap & Reggae ” by the Production of the year, the Mayor of the Year Projection Artist and for achievements in Rap & Reggae . Then make the production ” My Career” is a disc with all their hits but remixiados by Dj Joe and a couple of new tracks (it was a stick ) , after several years rejoins Pina music participated in the productions of Pina as compiracion 1 and 2, time 2 kill , sounding different successes and both productions romances noise, matadore , carat and finally his cd Don Fichureo a unique production with existos as ” Forgiveness ” A ft Julio I laid . Don Chezina since always been one of the best riding both on stage and in any cd , no song that does not stick , and although in his songs speak of the street war and political abuses , was one of the first to sing the love with the song ” La Diosa Del Mar ” among others . It mensionar Don Chezina was the first rapper in Switzerland Guatamala among others, is the founder of Reggaeton , artistically recognized as the traveler, the teacher, he patriarch he machine gun sing faster and you will understand the lyrics , it is also known as he owned the girly ‘s among other nicknames more , today though Don Chezina is not a singer that give much publicity in the advertising medium, it has spread their music like wildfire on the face of the earth in its four continents singing in small venues where he can feel their fans / as, in 2009 levied in Italy with Rey Pirin video of the song titled My Land , This Artist no stopping it is always traveling , at this time he has coming to Colombia first in Mexico loves it where you have an issue with Mickol you knew star entitled ” No Manche ” is why they call him the traveler, besides which is the original Don is also the King of Tra Tra Tra, song use John Leguizamo ‘s show on HBO and song that even their fans cry / as . Don Chezina is a free agent since it is handled , the artist is a great pure infinite gunpowder and dynamite fuse with a career without interruption since its inception.tKvP7Agiy7W_jdnGEeKQYpoPOXHLufwtrzCV9DaU

” The Song that gave the respect for the Rap genre …

“The  Reggaeton Anthem”

“My Favorite Song”

One of many

“The Song My Story”

“Don Chezina junto a Rey Pirin el verdaro duo de la historia”


Interview with Don Chezina

Contactos Originales de Don Chezina
El Rey Del Tra Tra Tra

14 Respuestas a “My Feelings About “Don Chezina” Artistic career

  1. q hermoso!!!

    Me gusta

  2. Malvin Beltre (Amante de los Old School) xD JAJA

    hola me gusto mucho tu pensar de don chezina estoy en lo cierto con lo que dices sobre la tiradera que tienen los promotores y artistas de ahora ellos quieren dar a demostrar que don chezina no es nada pero estan en todo lo contrario…

    Me gusta

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  4. Que t al Chezna tambien fue el primero de la Isla en venir pa’ Peru y eso no nos olvidamos……la gente que sabe del genero sabe que el es uno de los patriarcas……saludos

    Me gusta

  5. Gracias Geraldo por tu sabio comentario estas en lo cierto Don Chezina fue el primero en muchos países, y en Perú el puso el Reggaeton a sonar bien rico espero que en 2011 se repita su visita. Que Dios te bendiga junto a los tuyos, que este año nuevo te colme de tantas bendiciones como gotas de agua tiene la lluvia…

    Mil Abrazos
    Isabel Gaviota

    Me gusta

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  7. Reblogged this on Isabelgaviota's Blog and commented:

    Don Chezina El Don Original, El Rey del Tra Tra Tra

    Me gusta


    Me gusta

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