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Congratulations On Your Graduation Jennifer Bonilla You Did It

Congratulations My Dear Daugther in law, i’m so proud of you,  i’m very happy, it feel so good to see your beautiful smile on your graduation day. Don’t stop keep on the good work, may God bless you always in what ever your do.  Make a path for others to follow you know i always bet on you. May all your dreams come true with lot’s of health, peace, love, and prosperity with your wonderful family. love to love you.

With lot’s of love

Your Mother in law

A Prayer for the Graduate

God, I ask for your blessings on . Jennifer Bonilla She is graduating today, and I know that this time can be fairly rough for the graduate. There is the unknown future in front of  her. There is so much to do to prepare for college or work. There is growing up to do, independence to assert, and more. You know that You can often get lost in the shuffle, and I ask that your presence always be felt and appreciated.

I ask that you protect this graduate as she heads into the future. You have done so much for  her so far. Getting this far has not always been easy, but I ask that you continue to offer strength, courage, and discernment as he/she goes into a world that is not always black and white. May he/she find love and friendship, make lifelong friends, and find your plan for him/her in the experiences you provide.

Graduation is such a rite of passage, Lord. Your blessings are needed more than ever. Lord, I ask for all you can do to protect and provide for this wonderful person as he/she moves forward and continues to grow up.

Thank you, Lord. In your name,


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Today a new beginning
Be all that you can be
Turn the heads of others
Follow dreams you see

Tomorrow comes so quickly
Time it passes fast
You now are our beginning
We hold to you steadfast

Knowing that you’ll give us
The world we want to see
Wisdom now entwined with
Youth’s great destiny

Take the road that gives us
Blessing we can share
Each and every moment
We’ll know that you are there

Each step that you have taken
Has brought you to this place
Where world is waiting for you
Each moment now embrace

Look into the spirit
Of those who went before
Knowing that your fortitude
Now opens brand new doors.